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The Futera United Matchday Experience

Sundays now provide me with a real sense of excitement and anticipation, It’s Futera United game day! The Futera dome is located in the northern part of Bangkok, close to Rangsit University, so for me this is a drive of around 50 kms for our home games. On the drive to the ground I’m buzzing and can’t wait to get there.

The Futera guys usually arrive at the ground about 2 hours before kick off to ensure that the cameras and stream are all ok. These guys do an amazing job and are the real unsung heroes. When i arrive, i always like to have a look around at all the games going on, on the outside pitches. This is where the future stars are training every week and i must admit there are some tremendous young players who could have big futures in the game. The players tend to arrive around the same time as the Futera team and i must comment on how polite and respectful each player is. Every player i come across will ‘Wai’ me.

When the players come out onto the pitch for their warm ups i like to get a close look at the opposition. To be honest it’s quite hard to assess players in a warm up as they all look world beaters, but it’s good to see if they have any strong personalities or characters. I hover about when coach Breeze is going through tactics to try and get some ideas how we will line up. Keith (Arrat) will find out more details and pass me the starting line up. 10 mins before kick we do a sound check to ensure everything is working. I must stress that the guys doing the filming and streaming are doing an amazing job and work extremely hard to get those pictures to you guys.

Once the game starts Luke and I will try and commentate as best we can and keep you up to date on any substitutions or tactical changes. For me the hardest part is trying to be impartial, I feel this is my team and I am emotionally involved and get a bit carried away. As the season begins we hope to give you more content on the opposition, top scorers, players to look out for etc.

To be involved with Futera United is a real thrill for me, I feel like we are all at the beginning of what will be an amazing journey. I can’t wait for the start of the season and I hope you guys are as excited as I am. I really believe that our team can achieve great things.

Come on United!!!!!!!!

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