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Have questions about Futera United? Check our FAQ below for more info on the project!



Visit the website's 'Mint' page.  If you would like help you can email



With your purchase of a unique Futera NFT digital card collectible, you can enjoy much more! Become part of an online community helping to create and manage a real Football Club from the ground up! - you’ll vote on key decisions, enjoy ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage from players, coaches and commentators, watch exclusive streams, and participate in exciting giveaway initiatives and prize opportunities, all as the Community writes its own history book!  We want this to be affordable as well as enjoyable, so we're looking at a price tag of 0.07 ETH per FUTERA UNITED NFT.  We hope to welcome you on the journey!


NFTs are unique digital assets that represent a wide array of tangible and intangible commodities. These commodities span everything from digital collectible sports cards to virtual real estate and digital artworks

If you’re left head-scratching don’t run away just yet. Stay with me. The term “non-fungibility” points to the individual uniqueness of each NFT. People have traded cryptocurrencies on blockchain networks for a few years now, which means they can always be exchanged for an exact equivalent. For example, 1 bitcoin equals 1 bitcoin regardless of its source.

An NFT, let’s say, of an autographed soccer card or a funky football avatar with pigtails wearing a Cameroon-inspired vest, is unique and non-interchangeable with any other NFT. Hence, the term “non-fungible” ...


In simple terms, a MetaMask Wallet is just a digital wallet. It’s an add-on that can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the new Brave browser, as well as an app on iOS and Android devices.

We suggest that you use Google Chrome, and that’s the browser we’ll be utilising for the sake of this video. However, these steps should be replicable across all other browsers.

For safety, we recommend going straight to the MetaMask website to avoid potentially fake versions.

Once there, you can continue through to the Chrome webstore. The MetaMask website will redirect you to where you need to go. Once you've arrived at the webstore, click the blue “Add to Chrome” button.

Next, you’ll need to click “add extension”.

Once you have the extension added to your browser, you can go to MetaMask and create an account. You need to click on the extension icon in your Chrome browser. If you’re struggling to find that, the extension icon is located in the top right hand corner on Chrome and should be in a similar location on other browsers.

Once MetaMask is open, you might be requested to either "Create a Wallet" or "Import wallet." If this is your first time at setting up a MetaMask account, select the former, obviously.

If you already have a wallet, you can select "Import wallet" and then you will be asked to input your 12 word seed phrase to link your account.

Once you've opted to create a new account, accept the Terms of Use and create a new password.

When MetaMask reveals your secret words, please don’t forget to write them down on something you can store in a safe location. I personally save mine in a few different places. So get your pen and paper and then hit the "Reveal Secret Words" button. You'll see a 12-word seed phrase.

We don’t want to state the obvious but NEVER store these online as that can always be a potential security risk! And NEVER share them with anybody else. Scammers may sometimes pretend to be from MetaMask or some other support team with a goal to get your seed phrase. So keep it under wraps at all costs.

Don’t forget that you'll need to verify your secret phrase. Again, if you lose it, no one can help you recover the secret phrase, so it's very important that you have it well-documented. Verify the phrase by selecting the previously generated phrase in order.

So now, with a bit of luck, your MetaMask wallet will be set up. Congrats! You are now able to use your wallet to house your Futera United NFT.  The unique (and public) wallet address associated with your account also allows other users to send you different kinds of tokens directly to your wallet. Your wallet address is easy to identify; there’s a button right next to the code that you can use to copy it to your clipboard.

If you have ETH on another platform, like Coinbase for example, you can also use your wallet address to send your tokens to your MetaMask wallet. To do so, simply go to your Coinbase app or the desktop site, select the Portfolio section, find Ethereum and select "ETH Wallet" and then use the send icon in the top right to input your MetaMask address


You need to get a wallet that’s eligible to send and receive NFTs on the Ethereum network. The most widely-used wallet is the MetaMask wallet, that’s what we recommend you use.


You’ll also need to consider the cost of obtaining an NFT. You can see how much NFTs are being minted for on our website, so check that you have that value stored in your wallet.


Please also consider gas fees (think of these as transaction fees). These fees aren’t fixed, and instead go up or down based on how busy the Ethereum network is at the time of your transaction.


We recommend adding a bit extra, say, 0.03 ETH per NFT you plan to buy to allow for these costs (in reality this may be closer to 0.01-0.02 ETH, but as no-one can know in advance, it’s better not to be caught short).  


There are two ways to obtain an NFT. The first is to simply buy one on the ‘secondary market’. Our secondary market will be on the site ‘OpenSea’ (think ‘eBay’ but for NFTs).

You can sign-in to OpenSea using your MetaMask wallet, just visit their site, click on ‘Connect’ in the top-right and follow the instructions. Remember, make sure you are on the official site!

The second is to mint one, and that’s what we’re talking about here, which basically means buying an unrevealed, or ‘unopened’, NFT directly from Futera. As you’re 'getting in early’, as people like to say, you pay the set price with the possibility of ‘minting’ a rare piece.

All websites of NFT projects are different but also very similar. In our case, we’ll have some intro text on the mint page that will explain the project and the total amount of available items in the collection.  If minting is still open, a button will appear.

After pressing the button shown on our site to mint your Futera United NFT, the MetaMask wallet will calculate expected gas fees. Once you click accept, the minting process will start and transaction details will occur!

Once completed, you can head over to your OpenSea profile and check out your NFT!

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