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The Futera United Trials - The Journey Begins.

Friday 4th February 2022

Friday 4th February 2022 will go down as an historic day in the life of Futera United. This was our pre-trial day and the journey to create the first NFT controlled football team began in earnest. Around 120 players descended on the Furera HQ, which is located in the north of Bangkok near Rangsit, in the hope of making it to Sundays live trials.

With so many players, it could have been an administrative nightmare but the excellent Futera staff ensured the registration process was completed efficiently with no problems. Now the football could begin!. With so many players present the coaches divided them into three groups. They then played small seven aside games, with no goals, the object to see which players were comfortable on the ball, who could create space. I was extremely impressed with the standard of all the players and didn’t envy the person who had to cut a large number of players. While this was going on the goalkeepers were being put through their paces, again i was impressed by what i saw.

After this first stage a number of players were cut, while the remaining players were preparing to play short 11 a side games of 30 minutes. These games showed that we had some real outstanding prospects and some excellent football was played. Eventually after a number of games and the time approaching 11 pm, coach Den announced the 40 players who would take part in the live trial the following sunday.

Arriving at the ground on Sunday you could sense a real buzz of nervous excitement, not just amongst the players but also the Futera staff who had to put the live stream on. The players were divided into two teams A (wearing blue) and B (wearing green) with numbers emblazoned on the fronts and backs of their jerseys. Now was the time for the NFT holders to decide who would be in the Futera United squad. The game kicked off and was extremely competitive with all the players eager to impress. After chances at both ends the green team took the lead on 32nd minute when No. 5 slotted in at the near post. A second goal followed soon after with No. 40 effort deflected past the keeper into the net. At half time Futera B had a 2-0 lead.

The second half began with multiple changes on both sides, this led to the opening 10 mins being a little scrappy. Futera A got themselves back into the game in the 62nd minute when a quick counter allowed No.31 to coolly lob the advancing keeper. We now had a game on with Futera A growing in confidence and starting to move the ball around and create openings. This paid off in the 78th min when after good build up work the ball was laid back to No. 38 who smashed home from 25 yards for the equalizer. With both teams pressing for the winner a moment of sheer brilliance from No. 3 saw him glide past defenders to slot home number 3. In time added on Futera A were caught on the attack which left the pacy No.12 through on goal until he was fouled in the box, penalty! No. 12 picked himself and and calmly stroked the ball in the bottom corner with the keeper going the wrong way, Final score Futera A 2 - 4 Futera B.

A great game with some excellent football and some fine performances. A special mention to the Futera guys who put on the live stream and did a wonderful job. Really excited to be involved at the beginning of this journey. Now it is time for the NFT holders to choose their squad. Exciting times lay ahead.

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