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Play & Earn

‘Player of the Month’ &
‘Goal of the Month’ Votes

We've already seen some incredible displays and goals from our boys in Black and Gold, and it's only fitting that the community gets to vote on their favourite!


The FUFC Staff and coaches will select a shortlist of worthy candidates at the end of each month, and NFT holders will vote on which Goal and player will win the accolade of GOTM & POTM. Both will then be turned into NFTs and given away as prizes to voters, including a special 'of 2 - player owned' edition NFT, with one being awarded to the player and the other to one lucky holder!
End-of-season awards will take a similar format, with holders selecting their favourite monthly winners to receive the overall season awards.

As we are a few months into the season, we'll include retrospective Goal of the Month awards for March and April!


Play & Earn

Prize draws for Voting

We love your passion for voting on Futera United's decisions. We think you should also be awarded for making these monumental decisions.
Starting in July, there will now be prize draws at random, giving everyone who has voted the chance to win amazing digital prizes, such as exclusive Futera United NFTs and Sandbox Metaverse NFTs!

Youtube & Socials

‘The Test’

The team have dominated BPL 4 since we joined, but just how good are we? Now it's time to find out!
Starting with a BPL div 2 team (we think we'd win div3!!!), we'll test ourselves against teams that are, on paper, deemed better than us, and as we beat a team, we will get promoted to play a team in the league above. Can we go from BPL 2 opponent all the way to playing a T1 pro side? Come along for the journey!
An episode of THE TEST will go out monthly on the Futera United Youtube. It'll give fans behind-the-scenes footage of the team and extended highlights of every game, including exclusive camera angles!

Card Photo.jpg

New Initiatives

Purchase your NFT as a card

In July, you'll be able to order your Futera United NFT as a physical '1 of 1' trading card from our official online store.

Made to the spec of a Unique level Futera trading card, your '1 of 1' features foil detailing and come s presented in a magnetic case.

A beautiful keepsake of your Futera United NFT, this '1 of 1' trading card is a true collector's item.


Play & Earn

Futera Prediction League

Imagine the excitement of Futera United's live games mixed with prediction based 'Play and Earn' gamification!
The FUTERA PREDICTION LEAGUE sees NFT holders predict outcomes for individual Futera United games - including not only results but also including first goalscorer, time of the first Goal, etc.

Points will be awarded depending on the accuracy of your predictions!
Results will be kept in a league table format, with holders earning monthly and annual prizes. As well as spot prizes on offer.
Prizes will take the form of Exclusive NFTs and NFT redemptions awarding the winner with real-life prizes such as signed merchandise!


Youtube & Socials

Zero to Pro - The challenge!

Can a team, only founded this year, and run by a community, go from Amateur football to Professional within three years?

Zero to Pro is an introduction to Futera United, taking fans new to the project on a journey from conception to the present day.
We'll look back to where the idea came from, building the squad, playing our first game, our TA penalty shootout heartache, and Tishan signing for the club. Interviews with the team will bring Futera United closer than ever before to the community.
This will be followed by a monthly roundup show on the Futera United Youtube channel, giving our community a chance to catch up on everything happening at the club.

Club Promotion

Official Supporters Groups

Official Supporters Groups will be a key driver in allowing other communities/projects to participate in FUTERA UNITED and introduce us to a broader audience.

To help support the growth of FUFC, we are offering a number of FUTERA UNITED NFTS and other incentives to passionate groups of fans/other Web3 projects who will share in the success of FUTERA UNITED.

Individual votes will be shared and discussed, with decisions agreed upon within the group. Then using the community wallet and combined voting power, the OSG-appointed Manager will place the votes on their behalf.

FUnited logo copy.jpg



New Initiatives

Pitch to Play

Think you're good enough to lace up for FUTERA UNITED? We'll give young, ambitious players the chance to join FUTERA UNITED.
Players can buy a FUTERA UNITED NFT that'll allow them to 'pitch' themselves to the FUFC coaching staff, NFT Holders, and a panel of advisors (former pro-players, etc.).
Think Shark Tank/Dragons Den. Instead of pitching for an investment in a business, players will get the opportunity to tell us why they should come out to Thailand and compete for the chance to play for FUTERA UNITED.

Youtube & Socials

How did we build the Futera Dome

A 2-part mini-series walks you through the making of the Futera dome, from concept to building our vision in the metaverse.

Before launch, you'll get a first look at the stadium as our metaverse builders explain how and why they built each area and what the future holds for Futera United in the Metaverse.

If you are an NFT holder, you'll also have the chance to make final decisions on the build through exclusive votes.



dome image.jpeg

New Initiatives

Opening of the Metaverse

- the Futera Dome

Imagine if Futera United had a stadium you could visit, at the drop of a hat, no matter where you are in the world?
A venue that could host events, concerts, and live games. Somewhere you could hang out with like-minded individuals or enter an exclusive themed lounge to meet your other teammates within FUTERA UNITED.
Welcome to the Futera Dome!


25% Sold (1925)

Jersey Giveaway!

We'll choose 20 lucky NFT holders to receive an actual bespoke jersey of the one worn by their #Player!

With 350 different jerseys in the game you'll be in a pretty niche group wearing yours! And that's not all, you'll have the choice to feature your name on the back!

Jerseys will go on general sale later in the Road map.


50% SOLD (3850)

Gold Card Giveaway!

Has anyone mentioned that Futera makes incredible physical trading cards?? 20 Holders will receive a '1 of 1’ 24ct gold-plated framed trading card of their NFT!!!!

Imagine the scene when you pull out your gold-plated framed Futera United card at your next NFT party! We love NFTs, but we’re pretty partial to the real world also!

75% SOLD (5775)

Kits 4 Kids!

NFTs and Football are cool, but Charity is cooler! The start of our ‘Kits for Kids’ program, supplying football kits to charitable organizations for underprivileged children around the world. 

We want to spread the joy of the beautiful game to as many people as possible, and we know there are millions out there without the basic equipment to get going, so at this milestone we'll start sending out kits based on #teams jerseys to children around the globe. Football should be for everyone!



Welcome to Futera World!

Host in the Metaverse at our Futera Dome,  Futera World is where your #Player lives! Think '90s virtual pet meets the blockchain in 2022.

Futera World offers you a window into the life of your #Player as you help nurture his or her career from a future star to the GOAT!

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