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SUNDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2023 - Announcement

We are proud to announce a partnership with Soupper Sub, Thailand’s premier trading card media company. This exciting collaboration will see Soupper Sub become the official front-of-shirt sponsor of the team, as well as the official content partner, bringing behind-the-scenes access to the football club and taking fans and holders closer than ever before to their favorite players.

As part of the partnership, Soupper Sub will work with the trading card community to bring the club to a wider Thai audience. Additionally, this partnership marks a significant investment in the club, with Soupper Sub CEO Itthi Nana joining the organization.

After almost a year in the making, this partnership is a major day in the history of Futera United. We are thrilled to be partnering with Soupper Sub, who share our passion for football and our commitment to excellence. This represents an exciting new chapter for our club. With their investment in the club and their expertise in trading card media, we are confident that we will reach new heights.

We are excited to work together with Soupper Sub to bring our fans closer to the action than ever before and achieve our shared goals.

As part of the partnership, Soupper Sub will produce exclusive content featuring the team's players, staff, and fans, providing unique insights into the inner workings of the club plus challenges and fun content across all socials. This content will be available to trading card holders as well as fans of the club.

"We are honored to partner with Futera United," Itthi Nana. "We believe this collaboration will help us expand our reach and engage with a wider audience, and we're excited to work with the club to achieve our shared goals."

The partnership between Soupper Sub and Futera United marks a significant milestone for both organizations. We look forward to working together to bring our fans closer to the game and to achieve greater success in the years ahead.

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