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Welcome to the Futera United Football Game Worn Charity Auction! Join us in this exciting blind auction where you can bid on your favourite football jerseys. From July 3rd to July 17th, 2023, you'll have the opportunity to own a piece of football history. Simply choose your preferred jersey and click the "MAKE AN OFFER" button to email your bid, starting at a minimum of $20 (add $10 for shipping)

All proceeds (minus shipping) will go to Charity (a local orphange to PSW Academy).


Bidding is done confidentially, adding an element of suspense and fairness to the process. You won't know what others are bidding, so make sure to place your best offer. After the auction ends on July 17th, the highest bidder for each jersey will be notified via email within a week.

Once you've won, follow the instructions provided in the notification email to complete the payment and receive your cherished football jersey. Don't miss out on this chance to celebrate the legacy of football with Futera United. Start bidding now and secure your desired jersey!

Remember, it's a blind auction, so every bid counts and adds to the thrill of the process. Join us today and make your mark in the world of football collectibles.


Rules of the Auction:

  1. Bidding in the Futera United Game Worn Charity Auction is open to all interested individuals aged 18 years and above.

  2. The auction will run from 3rd July 2023, to Midnight GMT on the 17th July 2023. Bids submitted after the closing time will not be considered.

  3. To place a bid, click on the "MAKE AN OFFER" button below the jersey of your choice. You will be redirected to your email client. Email us with the name of shirt you are bidding on and include your bid amount, contact details, and any additional comments.

  4. Bids must start at a minimum of $20. You are free to submit higher bids in increments of your choice.

  5. All bids are confidential. Participants will not have access to information about other bids during the auction process.

  6. Once the auction ends on 17th July 2023, the highest bidder for each jersey will be determined. Winners will be notified via email within a week after the auction concludes.

  7. Payment must be completed within the timeframe specified in the notification email. Failure to complete the payment within the given period may result in disqualification, and the jersey will be offered to the next highest bidder.

  8. The jerseys offered in the auction are sold as-is and without any warranties or guarantees.

  9. Futera United reserves the right to cancel or modify the auction at any time without prior notice.

  10. By participating in the auction, bidders agree to abide by these rules and any decisions made by Futera United regarding the auction process.

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