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The FUTERA UNITED NFT Collection comprises
7,700 programmatically-generated NFT digital
cards featuring soccer characters with unique
traits and rarity. 

When you buy a FUTERA UNITED NFT, you get a rare Futera digital collectible, but you can also become part of an online community helping to create and manage a real FUTERA UNITED FC Football Team!  With games streamed live, you’ll vote on key tactics such as the Team’s formation, playing style and substitutes as the match plays out live on the pitch!   Have your say on the way they play!

From the very first NFT sold, the journey has already begun! The FUTERA UNITED NFT community will choose the logo,  jersey design, and vote on which players to select for the Team. The first Player Trial is on 6th February, 2022!

The project’s Roadmap also features competitions and prizes, interaction with ‘Famous Fans’, gamification elements via sub-communities (#teams) through to ‘FUTERA WORLD’ where holders will be able to interact with their fellow #Team mates, access behind-the-scenes footage of the Club, take part in ‘Fantasy Futera’, and ultimately follow and interact with their #Player’s journey into storification.

At grass roots level, there will be charitable donations of ‘kits for kids’ to underprivileged children and communities to help them enjoy the beautiful game.



Our NFTs provide real utility with a roadmap bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world. When you mint a FUTERA UNITED NFT, you’re not just another NFT digital card holder, you’re part of a community with aspirations to make an impact in the real world. 

Our goal (excuse the pun) is to create an amateur team with a dream to win the Asian Champions League!  - we need to build a strong community of passionate fans to help drive this project forward.

As a FUTERA UNITED NFT holder, not only will you be able to watch the Team’s games live and vote on key decisions, you can also enjoy the excitement, fun and challenge of the hobby of trading card collecting.

As part of the Roadmap, you’ll be able to purchase a physical version of your FUTERA UNITED NFT digital card, and get exclusive access to some great trading card drops.


Buying a pre-existing football Club and asking a community to manage it could be a real battle. We know this because we’ve been immersed in the world of football for over 30 years.

Our football collectibles are created for football fans. We get it. We know the culture, we understand the traditions. That is why, instead of buying a football club, we’ll be starting one from scratch with the online community being able to share the journey by voting on key decisions such as player selection, Club logo, kit design, through to tactics as the game plays out on the pitch.

Before selling a single NFT, we already secured training pitches, changing rooms and facilities. We have coaches in place who are ready to work with the players - players that, as an online community, you'll choose via live trials. 

As a FUTERA UNITED NFT holder, YOU will vote on the direction the Club, making key decisions on anything from team tactics to
player transfers.



Futera World will be where your #Player lives! 

Think '90s virtual pet meets the blockchain in 2022.

Futera World will offer you a window into the life of your #Player as you help nurture his or her career, from being a future star to the GOAT! 


As with real football, there will be fixture lists, local rivalries, international competitions… Some #Players will make up the numbers, others will have notable careers, and a handful will go on to become legends and be remembered by your grandkids!

We’ll also give you tailored regular updates via the Futera World app. You’ll learn who is on their way to becoming a star, who is not quite fulfilling their potential, whose career is marred by controversy and who has become an idol of the fans!

Imagine bumping into your favorite player at a party in the metaverse and getting a virtual selfie with them? Sweeeeeeet.


FUTERA UNITED is all about creating communities.
That’s the world we come from. Our collectors have formed a beautiful community that stretches around the world. We’re all about building relationships in this increasingly virtual-based world, FUTERA UNITED is an opportunity take this to another level.

When you mint your FUTERA UNITED NFT, you are assigned a jersey from the 350 pre-made Teams. Only a maximum of 22 people in the world will belong to each team and we want you to use this as leverage to create your own ‘mini communities’ within a bigger community.

Think of it like real football, for a moment. We’re all here because we love the beautiful game, but the excitement comes when we branch off to support our individual Teams.

You’ll join up with your ‘#team mates’ to create your own social channels, build fan bases, and even partake in monthly challenges with your fellow players  (from quizzes to football prediction games). An online shop will be created presenting bespoke merchandise from jerseys to beanies to scarves all with your team's name, colours and crest for you to support your team IRL.



Starting off as an idea dreamed up on a Sunday afternoon in 2009, the 'Futera FC' model went from Sunday League Football to creating the world’s first Professional Team whose games were managed live by fans from their computers.

This unique football management method was created by Futera when it turned its digital card game into reality with ‘Futera Seeker FC’ - a real football team playing in a real League (Thailand Division 2).

Fans voted online from their computers on the team's playing style, formation and tactics as the game played out live, the Coach relaying the community's instructions from the sidelines to the players on the pitch via a virtual management platform. Futera FC reached 4th place in its Division.



The Futera brand has a 33 year history in sports Trading Cards, with officially licensed collections produced for some of the biggest football clubs in Europe including Liverpool, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Manchester City and more, we understand
what collectors appreciate. 

Approaching the exciting world of NFTs, like any other brand entering this space we have a lot to learn, but, as you can see by what we have already put in place, we’re here for the long term.

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